Before I begin, this has nothing to do with the System of a Down hit of the same name, nor does it have anything to do with what Josh, Oscar and Adley ate today at Ingredients.Well it actually does but what the heck! The name comes from what I was telling Joel when I read Chopsuey on the menu. I told him that SOAD named their song “Chopsuey” because it was 3-4 different lyrics put together into one song like a chopsuey. I must admit that the title struck me after I was done writing the whole post. I mean since the post is made of random quotes and excerpts I picked up from TV, music and the internet….the title is so…Now read on…

Here are some evergreen words…

Staind – Schizophrenic Conversations

“…Are you afraid,

Afraid of the truth,

The mirror’s staring back at you,

The image is cracked,

But so is the view…”

Jerry Seinfeld on his show ‘Seinfeld’

” You know when you’re moving, you have only one thing on your mind….BOXES. You can be at the best restaurant enjoying a meal but all you can think of is boxes. You’ll be like, I know you’ve got boxes in there, dont tell me you dont! I can smell them dammit! You can be at a funeral and you’ll be like…hmm neat box, good wood panelling, nice handles….I can put all my stuff in there.

Come to think of it, dying is the last big move you make. Think about it, the pall-bearers are like the friends you can ask for help to carry your stuff, and the coffin is like that one perfect box you’ve looked for all the time…except for the fact that when you find it…YOURE IN IT!!”

 Daron Malakian – Lead Guitars and Backing Vox – System of a Down

Gist of what he said on SOAD winning a grammy

“Grammys dont matter to us…I mean, you get an idea, you work on it, you make a song, you get it on an album and on radio for people, you play it live for them and if they love it, thats all that matters. Grammys are just a by product. Theyre a by-product and not an end in themselves. We didnt even go to recieve our grammys. They sent it to my house in a box, its still lying there. I havent even opened it yet.”

Lyrics from Train’s Album ‘For Me, Its You’

All I Ever Wanted
“You were my ticket outta here
And I was your dream come true
You gave me everything I ever wanted
Except for you”


“What’s your favorite color, your sign
Your basic sense of style and date of birth

Who’s gonna win your heart and when your heart’s been won
And when your hearts been won is it still your daddy first”

Dr.Cox from ‘Scrubs’ talking about relationships.

‘All couples face the same problems. The real ones don’t let them bring them down and wade through all of that crap.’

Excerpts from ‘Cheers’

Scene : Bar-owner Rebecca Howe’s boyfriend, multi-millionaire Robin Colcord is cheating on her with 2 other women. Sam, the previous owner of the bar and a good friend of Rebecca convinces her to break up with him. Robin tries to compensate for cheating on Rebecca by gifting her a diamond bracelet.

Rebecca (after looking at the bracelet) to Sam – (mouths) Its gorgeous.

Sam frantically waves his arms telling her not to fall for it…

Robin to Rebecca : ‘I like your principles. The other girl from the French embassy would have lapped it up in a second. I really like it that you stood by your morals. I have to say, out of the two of you, I think youre definitely ahead. Now I must leave….care to join me. (walks out).

Rebecca to Sam: (confused for a second, then jumps up and down) Sam cant you see Im winning….Robin, Im coming…(runs after Robin)

Sam: ‘Wait a second Rebecca, your giving up something here thats you’re gonna regret for the rest of your life.

Rebecca: (thinks for a second) Youre right….Robin I’ll take the bracelet!!’

From Frank Millers Graphic Novel ‘300’

Scene: Xerxes is trying to convince King Leonidas to surrender to him after the latters army successfully fought off the first battalion of Xerxes’ finest guards The Immortals.

Xerxes: Your kingdom and mine could share our cultures with each other.

Leonidas: Well, we’ve been sharing our culture with your men all day!

And finally excerpts from a chat between Joel and me…

Me: Joshua’s coming for the movie tomorrow too. I think he’s gonna meet some girl at the theater!

Joel : *Rolls eyes*

Me: Hey we’ll show him…..I’ll just call….umm, uhh….Ill call….umm….joe you got anyone?

Joel: I could call her but….oh then theres that girl who, no but…..and then theres the other one too…umm…

Me: Hmm I guess we could call that one….but…..naah!

Joel : LOL, looks like we have no options.

Me: No no, we’re single out of choice…

Joel: Yeah!

Me: Yeah, we’re single, because we are out of choices…


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