To Christine…


As a going-away present for you, I wanted to write you something personal, but I wanted everyone else to see what a great friend you’ve been. So well this is what I came up with…Hope you like it! ‘My first memory of you dates back to my late FYJC days, I saw you one day dragging Sam to the Lipton Ice Tea counter, pestering him to get you an Ice Cream. I was with Oscar and you greeted me with a trademark (loud as usual) ‘Hiee!’. Back then I used to know you as ‘that loud girl with Sam’. I remember how shocked I was when someone told me you were Justin’s sister. I mean there was Justin who was quiet as anything and then there you were, pushing the decibel levels each day. I got to know you better through Eben and I guess we became good friends sometime when I was in SYJC (somewhere between all those train rides and crazy canteen encounters). Ive tormented you a lot over the last two years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Im sure you’ll fondly remember each ‘Cha Mailaa’ and ‘Sodnaar Nahi’. (well maybe not fondly, but atleast you’ll remember it). Livewire 2005 gave me an opportunity to witness what an awesome voice you had. And although you looked out of place with the pink outfit (Metallica feat. Britney Spears as i called it), you were absolutely awesome. With you around there’s never a dull moment. You’re truly contagious, if you’re happy you’ll make sure everyone around you has a fun time as well and as hard as you may try, when you’re feeling blue, it more or less affects everyone else. You’re a really bad liar (almost as bad as Oscar lol), and are as curious as a 3 yr old….wait arent you a 3 yr old? Christine is strong, smart, talented and caring and a genuinely loving person. Sure she has her flaws too, but who doesnt!We love you just as you are (braces included). She gets really uncomfortable around people who are fighting and will try her best to diffuse the tension at the slightest hint of an arguement. She can get sensitive and panicky sometimes, but she tries her best not to inconvenience anyone when she’s feeling like that. She forgives people really quickly ( a bit too quickly sometimes) and really gets attatched to her friends. Her blog, though not always, Contagious Joy, is a pleasure to read. She really accepts her mistakes readily and is always open to learn. As you step into the big world, I wish you all the best for all that life has in store for you. Dont change the person you are, but try to be street-smart, not everyone is as nice as you are. Its going to be impossible to replace you in college, the noise levels wont ever be the same again. But as much as we’ll miss you, we want you to go out into the world and excel in everything you do. Hope we still get to hang out and be crazy like the old times. Just wanna say that I wish I had more time so I could get to know you better than I already do. Sorry for anything that I may have done to hurt you intentionally or unintentionally. I truly ‘louve’ you!’


5 thoughts on “To Christine…

  1. Christine

    i love this post! it truly means a lot to me..
    I dont know how to thank you..
    But the simplest way is- ‘Thankyou’
    Ill give you a hug when i meet you next.

  2. WiseDonkay

    sorry i missed you’re comment. Im not used to having people comment on my posts lol. well I hope u like the rest of the blog like this post and continue to visit and comment

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