3 Years Already?


Here’s an article I wrote for our College Magazine ‘The Wilsonian’


Its amazing how Wilson College, (a place that I didn’t even know existed till one of my cousins told me about it) has become an inseparable part of my life over the last 3 years. Back in 2004, I like many of my peers wished to join St. Xavier’s College and it seemed to me as if nothing else could impress me. But with Wilson’s it was love at first sight. One look at the great stone structure poised bang opposite the beach and Xavier’s was went flying off my wish-list. I had made my mind Wilson’s was the place for me! The first two years of college though memorable passed by before I knew it. When it was time decide where I wanted to do my Bachelors degree, I didn’t even think twice before picking Wilson’s.

Considering that I had practically spent most of the last two years in college, I thought that I had seen all that was to be seen at this institution. But this time around I was to see a totally different side of Wilson’s. I was thrown off balance on the first day itself when I could not manage to spot a single familiar face in class. To add to my confusion, the time table pointed to previously unheard of classrooms such as M-1 and M-2 (which I later discovered were at Mackichan Hall).Another major hurdle for me was the early morning timings. I being a staunch follower of Garfield loved each and every minute of my morning sleep, but failure to attend would result in a dreaded ATKT and I had already heard one too many horror stories about that rule to take any chances with it. The next two months were spent acclimatizing to the new setting. By the time we reached the terminal exams, I was attending college on auto-pilot. For the first time in over 2 years, I went for one whole term without bunking college to go for a movie (quite an achievement considering my run-ins with the attendance rule over the last two years). But like they say every dark cloud has a silver lining. In my case, the silver lining came in the form of the new friends I made in class. God knows how I would have made it through without them.

By the time the first term exams ended, we were all ready to enjoy our much needed break. But within the first week of the vacation I was dying to go back to college. After what seemed like a never ending October, I came back for Term 2 of FYBA. Fortunately, there were fewer lectures and more events which meant that it was time to celebrate! Friendship day, Tie day, Traditional day, Bazaar day and God knows what else. All we needed was an excuse to celebrate. After a month full of celebration inside and outside college, it was time for the Christmas holidays (which came and went by before one could say ‘Merry Xmas’). And now, unbelievable as it may seem another year is about to end.

The year has definitely been the most memorable I have spent at this institution. The memories I take back are as varied as Prof. Randeria’s early morning psychology lectures to making clay frogs till the late hours for the Nature Club exhibition.

With three down and two more years to go, I can’t even begin to imagine what Wilson’s holds for me in the next two years. But the previous years have taught me to expect the unexpected. So I guess Ill wait and watch while this wonderful institution surprises me…yet again!


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