New Post in a New Year!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages. Happy New Year to everyone. Hope everyone has a great year ahead….yada yada yada. Lets get back to more important things viz. my post. Yup, so lets begin where we last left off…’Hopes and Fears’….hmm well, that was a while back and allow me to fill all of you in between what happened from then to now if I may…..

So what did I do all December? No seriously, WHAT DID I DO ALL DECEMBER? I didnt even realise I was gone for over a month. But anyway let me begin to attempt to recollect. Hmm for starters winter finally began to kick in and boy were we thankful for it after extended October heat. Well lets begin with Tie and Saree Day that is if I remember the whole day correctly. And motivational speaker Nick Vujicic visited our college and delivered a simple talk to us. No 14 day ‘Change your life’ plans, no self-advertisement…nothing of that sort! He just narrated his own story without asking for any pity or sympathy, and well he doesnt need any. He’s more resilient than most of us ‘normal people’ put together. Hats off to you Nick, your talk helped me through one of my hard times. You’re talk made me realise how trivial my troubles were and despite everything else, there is still an abundance of love on earth. That aside we took like a thousand pictures on that day and had tonnes of fun. Yours truly got a compliment or two as well. Thanks a lot to all my ‘admirers’ whoever and wherever you are (*wink wink*).
Hmm well, what next you ask….Well we continued to have fun in college with all our friends.
On December 8, we had ‘Club Nite’ in college, and we all danced, yes we all danced, even Oscar and I danced. We really had a blast and that set the tone for the rest of the month which had tonnes of parties in it, but still not enough.
‘The family’ as we like to call ourselves is had a great time all December and despite the fact that most of us (in other words except for Amu) are single and bored of it, we had a blast in the holiday season!

Random Classifieds Ad
‘The Family’ needs single guys and girls from ages 18-21 who meet the following requirements:
Requirements for guys:Should be cute, Should be nice, should be SINGLE, should not ask for committment, and should not be any of the things that may or may not be mentioned here. (Hope that helps).
Requirements for girls: Should be pretty, should be responsive (dont make us guys do all the work now), should be successful to capture our attention for more than a week, should be atleast five feet four inches tall, should not be either too comfortable with committment nor too shy.

Also not to mention, selection is at the sole discretion of ‘The Family’ if anyone does not approve of you, you will be thrown out. You have to get everyone and I mean everyone to like you.

Anyway, classifieds aside. Lets continue, I went for like 3 Xmas parties, one at YMCA, the other at Amu, Noe and Rohit’s church and the third wasnt an Xmas party it was Noella’s Bday. She turned 18 and we gave her enough reasons to remember the day. Like for example we bought in two complete strangers to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ for her.
Speaking of Xmas gifts, I got the following gifts:
1) A DVD of The Newsboys (which I still havent watched).
2) 13 of my favorite CDs courtesy my Aunt in the USA.
3) A pass to the Delirious? Concert from Christine.
4) Another Cake from Oscar as a gift (I still dont call it a gift).

In other news my cousin brother came down from the USA after 2 years and his younger brother left for the USA for a year lol. Talk about musical chairs.
I was down with an upset tummy for a couple of days in the last week of December and then finally came New Years. For the second year in a row, my new year began in Oscar’s church (well it was a different church). And after listening to the worship band play ‘Rain Down’ by Delirious? for the umpteenth time we headed to Andheri station at 1 am in the nite and caught the last official train for the night at 1.40 am. There was a full on party inside the compartment, and it was really a sight you can see only in Mumbai! After the train ride, we headed to Samantha’s (aka Sam the disprin addict) place for a party, which featured more dancing (including the now famous Oscar’s Nagin Dance Step), and embarassing games (such as Ducky Ducky and ‘Poor Pussy’ to name a few). Another fun time, and a great way to ring in the new year. We also met a ‘pirate’ called Captain Jack and his wench (also called Wife). The crew (us) was supposed to have a party at Captain Jack’s deck but since we were too tired we decided to take a hike instead. Also the captains wifey was ready to make him walk the plank if he forced us to dance anymore.
That brings us to January, on the 3rd it was Poornima’s 19th Birthday. WE had a nice lunch at her place courtesy her mom, and had a lot of lets say interesting conversations. Happy Birthday Poornima!
Yesterday we went to Letty’s place, and yes there was more dancing (fortunately no Oscar Nagin Dance this time, neither did I dance). After that we played in Letty’s garden and had a flashback to childhood. Here are somethings I realised yesterday:
1) Jiving makes most girls dizzy.
2) Noella loves carpets.
3) Letty has an awesome place.
4) I can swing really high!
5) I suck a little lesser but still a lot at Table Tennis.
6) No matter how old you get, you will still hurt yourself at a garden.
7) See-Saws should come with seat-belts.
8) None of us are really as old as we should be!

That brings me to the present day. I woke up late this morning and decided to skip college. I did practically nothing today, went for a meeting in the evening and now Im making a post abt all that I did in the last month or so.
I know theres a lot I covered (and a lot I missed too)…so heres a recap and after that the credits.
Okay, here goes…
Tie day, club nite, christmas parties, Noella’s bday, classifieds ads, new years, poornimas bday and letty’s place…thats all we covered.
Other imp. stuff……
I had a crush but now its gone and Im still single…YAY (Yawn). Everyone else I know is still single, and the ones in relationships are still in relationships. I shopped all my outfits for my bro’s wedding and hmm yea thats about all I want to cover now.

Special Thanks To:
The Gangue Team Crew ( Oscar,Joel,Bintu,Eben,Adley and Me).
‘The Family’ (Amu, Noe,Poornima,Sam,Su,Letty,Rohit,Osci, Georgie and Me).
College Pplz.
Chaddi aka Christine.
Divya aka Dee (for putting up with me this long).
And everyone else who I havent mentioned.

Love y’all…
See ya,


3 thoughts on “New Post in a New Year!

  1. Christine

    Rain down for the umpteenth time.. yeah.. i know. By the end of it. I was tired.. lol
    but yeah i still had fun too.
    Amu’s not single.. I didnt know that..

    You’re over your crush already??!!
    that was really short.. sheesh

  2. Oscar

    He isnt over with is crush.

    He jst doesnt know.

    Thats what he says And I stand by it!

    And dude you forgot to add that I didnt come to Lettys Place!!!

  3. WiseDonkay

    Yea I really dont know actually…mebbe I just bored with it for a while…amu is single…well kinda lol….its complicated :-p…and umm thats all

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