A New Chapter


Well I guess everyone knows what’s been up with me over the last few weeks. It’s been hard yes, but Im still standing and thankful for that. The last few weeks have taught me a quite a few things, and Ill mention some of those things:

  • Everything must come to and end sooner or later. Whether it ends nicely or in an ugly way or whatever, there’s always an end to everything in life (ultimately life itself ends.)
  • Everything in life is transitory. In other words, stuff keeps changing all the time for better or for worse. Some of it may seem bad at first, but may soon turn out be good for the bigger picture. Eventually stuff falls into place and things start to make sense.
  • Life is one big lesson in ‘letting go’. Dont want to sound preachy here. But yeah, life is like a training ground for letting everything go for whatever awaits us after life. The more we cling to people/things/pleasures the harder it becomes for us to let go of them which we eventually have to someday. I dont mean to say that one should not get close to anyone simply because everything must end, I’m saying when its time to let go of something, do it. It will be hard, it will hurt and it will take a while to get over the whole thing, but you have to do it because life doesnt come with options, it just gives us situations.
  • The end of one phase doesnt mean the end for good. Its nothing but a transition into another phase of life, which like the other phases will have its own fair share of joys and sorrows.
  • Dont hold on to negativity. Anger and hatred are like last nights leftovers. Theyre all from the past. The longer you hold on to them the uglier theyre gonna get. And well eventually they take a toll on yourself more than anyone else. So vent your anger if you have to, make your discontent apparent while there is time. Negativity is definitely not something you’d want to keep with you for long.
  • When you’re down, talk to people about it. No one’s problems are unique, or atleast your not the only one in the world with problems. So talk to people, it helps. Its like a safety net, spread it wide and when u fall, it makes sure you bounce right back up.
  • And lastly, learn from the past, but dont live in it. The good ol’ days, the darkest times you’ve ever faced, or just random memories are all in the past. They came, they happened and they’re gone never to come back. Be thankful for all that you were fortunate enough to enjoy and stop feeling bad over things that didnt turn out the way you wanted them to. Theyre gone now. All you can do is make sure you dont repeat the same mistakes you made. Situations may strikingly resemble each other, but that doesnt mean the same failures will take place again. If you’re facing deja vu, use your past experience as your guide.

A big thank you to everyone who’s been looking out for me. Ozz, joe, bin, eben, christine, noella, poornima, divya, jenny, sheila and everyone else I spoke to…..thanks a lot for hearing me out and thanks for all the advice. Stuff will be okay soon, I know it will….
Thats all for now…..


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