Just another post….


Im bored, tired, world weary and sleepless. I’m not in the festive mood at all. I wasnt excited about Diwali approaching either like every year. Not depressed or anything, just saying that I didnt feel the kind of child like excitement we used to have as kids. Maybe it’s bcoz all my cousins are either abroad or caught up in their own thing. Life……..kya bolega, gotta take it as it comes.
Missing the daily grind now, atleast I wasnt idle during college times. Thats what I need activity, something to keep my brain occupied, distracted, whatever.
Theres lots going on which I choose not to post. Kind of surreal, but well it’s still all fact. The past seems to be my solace and the cause of my troubles from time to time. The future is just blurry. Wish life was like the movie “Click”, you could just fast forward some parts and go back to the good ones as u wished. But Im not signing a pact with ol’ Morty anytime soon.
Wanna take some time out to thank everyone who’s been kind enough to hear me out when I needed them. Feel fortunate that atleast I’m not alone.
Dont worry about me, there’s someone looking out for me who’s got something in mind which I will know pretty soon. Thank you for everything Ive been fortunate enough to recieve, and yeah, help me keep things under control. Help me be humble enough to appreciate all that I recieve from you and from the people who come into my life through you and help me be strong to get through that which is not under my control.
Negativity is not something I want to hold on to. I may blow my top sometimes, but believe me when I say this, I dont want to be filled with anger and hatred towards anyone.
Though I may feel that life is sometimes unfair to me, I must also see that life has also given me more than I ever expected. As I commence another chapter in my life, I know you are with me just like you were at all times.
That very hope gets me through each new day and its challenges.
Life gives us situations, not options, and you walk with me every step of the way through each situation. Thank you for loving me, and thank you for teaching me how to love.
Sorry if this post is ambiguous, but then again arent all my posts like that?

To borrow Oscar’s line

Its obvious ain’t it?


7 thoughts on “Just another post….

  1. virtualchameleon

    Nice post dude, i hope i dont have to say anything more coz i dont wanna start all that ‘i’m here if you wanna talk’ cliched crap

    anyways…. nice post

  2. Christine

    thanks for being there even though you are going thru a really hard time. really appreciate it.
    things will get better… soon

    lotsa love

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