Twenty Years Young


Happy Birthday To Christine!
TYBA may have dampened CJ a bit, but on her day (or rather on my unlucky day), she can do dance numbers, item numbers, mehendi numbers, ‘lauve’ numbers, sad hindi songs etc etc. (Did I mention she does all the steps as well?), We keep makin fun of her braces time and again but in time she’ll have a China doll face and we’ll see who’s laughing then!
But thats later, right now she still has the braces, so on her B’day lets release my very own version of ‘I will survive’, just for the ‘little’ birthday girl…….

‘She might Survive’ by ||PazzTheWiseDonkay||

(Piano Intro)

At First I was afraid,
I was petrified,
The dentist said my wisdom teeth
would never see daylight
He said, “It’s time for action”
and did multiple extractions…
Oh my oh my,
This aint what I had in mind,

And now I cant
Show my face,
Who’d have thought
These ghastly braces
Wud be such disgrace

My pals laugh at me all day
And now they call me metal-mouth
Im waitin 4 that lovely day,
I get these ugly braces out,

Oh now go,
Walk out the door,
Get outta the house now,
I wont face you anymore,
I hope my braces are out by 29,
Before I crumble,
Before I lock myself and cry

Oh Jesus Christ,
Make my teeth fine,
Help me face them all,
Like a China doll
Come change my life,
I got chocolates to eat,
And Ive got bachelors to meet,
Please make them right,
Please make them right,
I Pray!

Well thats all I cud manage. I think I did a fairly good job. I hope you take it in good jest Chaddi, after all you love this song (well atleast u loved it when the turkey sang it!).
Anyways Happy Birthday Once again, and remember ure just as young either side of twenty. Hope you read this soon, and I DO WANT YOU TO SING THIS!

Lotsa Louve,

Oh by the way, here’s a little something else we made for you……
Enjoy and just so you know by the time you read this it will be way too late for you to come and bash us up so hahaha (On a serious note we hope you take it in good spirit)

Embarassing Picture of Christine provided by Oscar, Boxer shorts pic courtesy searched by Pazz and finally photoshopped by Binoy!

We are all in this together so if u wanna kill me kill them first! Mwah! Happy Birthday!

The Gangue Team Crew!


7 thoughts on “Twenty Years Young

  1. glywen9

    hahahahahahaahhahahaha……..i love u guys. its 7.45 in the morning. i havent slept all night.. and u guys still have me laughing…mwaaah

  2. WiseDonkay

    I was thinking………why dont you make this chaddi the banner of ure blog…….
    Just a suggestion. oh and heres some more dots…………………………………….

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