Have you been manipulated today?

As I watch the news on TV, read it in the papers and see everything else around me, I’m starting to feel so damn manipulated. Let me clarify, I am not talking about anyone I know, I’m referring to the religious political parties and media that supports them.
Ever since the 7/11 blasts, the media and the political parties have addressed every damn issue other than the actual investigation itself, and when they do eventually focus on the investigation, they target Muslims unnecessarily and then we have hooligans from so called political parties who are nothing but religious fanatics. Lets take a look back at the major news headlines after the blasts…..
In no particular order here goes,

First up, the anti-muslim SMS campaign: The day after the blasts, a message was circulated amongst the masses, “All muslims are not terrorists…….but all terrorists are Muslims”. I seriously dont how we can allow such a thing in a democratic country. This is communalism at its peak. What people dont see is that the victims of the blast weren’t just Hindus, they were from all religions. But for some reason the common muslim folk are being targetted. What we need to remember is that the terrorists have NO RELIGION!

Well a month after the blasts we had the Bajrang Dal or the VHP handing out fliers to people saying that “All terrorist supporting Muslims should leave India”, I say all the people who try to destroy the peace and harmony of our country regardless of them being terrorists or ‘political parties’ should be thrown out.

In the meantime, we had a flood of miracles. The Statue of the Virgin Mary wept, the sea water next to the dargah turned sweet, the Gods started to guzzle down Milk and appear on building walls and various other locations. God alone knows what was up with that (no pun intended).

Then we had minority specific headlines such as, “Sikh Boy’s Hair Forcibly Cut” or the dignity for the dead controversy regarding the Parsis and not to mention the Muslims were yet again targetted.

In the meantime, the Shirdi management decided to make a Rs. 22 crore throne solid gold throne for the Sai baba idol and in reaction to that Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray vanquished his silver throne (how selfless indeed).

In more recent headlines, the Malegaon blasts where specifically Muslims were targetted (so much for all terrorists are muslims). As if to add salt to the open wound, the Shiv Sena mouth piece ‘Saamna’ proudly proclaimed ‘The Muslims have reaped what they had sown’.

And today, the Loretto Convent controversy where there was supposedly religious discrimination which the BJP and its co-hooligans promptly addressed. It was regarding a prayer session where a few children fell to the ground after feeling weak and giddy and the BJP claims that it was an evangelising assembly. The result was that the school premises and the chapel were vandalised and so far no action has been taken against anyone.

One need not be a rocket scientist to realise that we are being manipulated to think from a narrow point of view here and everyone seems to be setting up a communal riot.
Id like to take this opportunity to call each one of my friends and fellow citizens to maintain harmony and unity irrespective of religious differences. That truly is the need of the hour.


6 thoughts on “Have you been manipulated today?

  1. Oscar

    Um yea true. But what can you do other than sit here and read about it. Its the bloody VHP and BJP nad Shiv Sena and what not we are talking abt. Virtually Untouchables.

    We can do our part NOT to get communalistic or to be instigated by these pathetic excuse for humans.

  2. WiseDonkay

    For once Oscar gets the gist of the post and makes a relevant comment
    Waah Waah!
    LOL JK
    I guess I shud say, Its obvious aint it!
    But yeah coming back to the discussion,yep the message is, not to be swayed by what the media says and refrain from being communalist on our parts!

  3. Christine

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    you get the message dont ya?

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