So Here I Am Again…


Let me begin by apologizing for not having blogged for all this while. The stat on blogger said I hadn’t logged into make a post since July or something, I’m really sorry for that, I miss writing here and its not that hard to put up a post atleast once a week. Even Christine manages that with her back-breaking schedule…So I promise to atleast try to blog here more often.
Another thing I’d like to say is that, I still prefer blogger over wordpress, so if Im gonna blog its gonna be here, Oscar can do the transfer part….

Well where do I begin?
College started like a month ago with full flow and its a whole lot of fun. Unfortunately it takes up most of my time and after a day of waking up early, attending all the lectures, goin to ceto’s etc, I do allow myself to be lazy and do pretty much nothing. I’m really sorry for that, I’ve totally cut myself off activities I enjoy the most, like going out with Velina, hanging out with the guys in IC, and of course…writing. Trust me I miss all of that, just that no one seems to have the time for it anymore and Im partly to blame too.
Though it is my third year in Wilson’s, its a totally new world this year. No longer can I come to college and sit in the canteen or in and around the college without doing anything. Now there are people Im answerable to, classes that I HAVE TO attend (not like I didnt have to earlier, but attendance is too damn strict this year so cant afford to miss even the most monotonous lectures). Trust me, Im having fun in college. I love my subjects (except for FC which is Kkkhraap). Philo class brings out the thinkers in me and Oscar and Nalwalla Ma’am has taken note of that. Psychology as always never ceases to amuse (though the professor may bore a lot). We had our first lecture by Prof. Randeria and all I can say is that I have immense respect for the man. His energy levels can put some of our younger Professors to shame, his teaching is par excellence and the best thing about him is that he is very very organised and never in a foul mood. I really dont know how he manages to do that, but I have never seen him shouting at students in college. Perhaps our office staff should take a cue from him. Cant wait for more lectures by him…
In other news, I was selected for the student council as the Class representative of FYBA and now I feel like I can speak up and be heard and bring about a change for the better with the help of all my friends. Vandana is the new G.Sec of the Student’s Council and I am really psyched for her. I think that with the right kind of support from the staff and the students we can bring about a much needed change in college. The rebel in me is starting to take the role of a reformer and I hope that through my efforts I can give back to college a small part of what it has given me.
Theres so many great things I’ve gained this year. I met new friends, I got closer to my old buddies, Im actually enjoying attending most of the lectures and not having to worry about being on the black-list and facing a pissed off teacher is so much of a relief. So far we havent had a tiff with any of our Professors (except for that incident with Mrs.Vadke, but then again she started that not me) and though going by the book may be boring at times, not having to worry about controversy gives you a whole lot of freedom as well. Im glad that so far this year the college has not been oppressive as far as rules go, I truly believe that this is the way to go because quite frankly, you cant try to discipline college students like school kids, you must treat them as grown ups (irrespective of whether they are matured or not). Thats the only way they will eventually mature, I mean how long are they gonna keep a watch on us, somewhere down the line we will have our freedom which we will be accountable for, might as well start in college which is a training ground for the real world. My spiritual growth is something that has helped me calm to a great extent. Im really glad that I made that trip to Vaishno Devi, I certainly came back a different person. I know that all of us still dont agree as far as faith goes, but the heartening fact is that all of us have strong faith in God. What our interpretation of God is maybe different, but any path that leads to God is good, and Im sure no one can deny that all of us have matured for the better at least a little bit. Thank God for that!
Im really thankful to God for each and every little thing: I am thankful that I have you guys as friends, though we may have our tiffs we do make it a point to apologize and I really appreciate that, I thank God for Velina, she is a friend, a partner, a confidant and so much more… and though we may seem like ‘distant cousins’ (ahem), its just coz I dont discuss my relationship with her that openly. But, I really do love her and so does she and we’re really happy together. Only if we could meet a bit more often. Im really happy that the situation at home is cool, last year was one of the toughest testing times we saw as a family and Im glad we rose and overcame that. Its great to see my bro (who at one point lived by his own standards) as a responsible,settled guy. His fiancee is really good person and I cant wait till she becomes a part of our family.
I know that college life and the PUKAR project are leaving very little time for other things, but give us sometime and you’ll see the fruits of our efforts. Im sure that all that attending will benefit us one way or the other. So even though theres so many things that I cant do now theres tonnes of things that Im thankful for…
Thank God and Thank each and everyone mentioned in this post,
You make it all worth it at the end of the day…


3 thoughts on “So Here I Am Again…

  1. Christine

    that was rude! oscar!

    but how come you aint mentioning your love to me. is it coz vel mite read it??.. oops.. sshh!!

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