God Bless Mumbai


Im still in disbelief and the gravity of the situation hasnt sunk in as of yet. I mean I took two trains today, I was in one at 4.00 pm. My juniors cud have been in there. Binoys dad was one compartment away from disaster but he’s safe. Im lookin at the pictures on TV and I have this emptiness inside right now. I pray for all those affected, coz right now, thats about all I can manage to do. Thank God we were all safe at the time terror struck our city.May eternal justice prevail and the guilty rot in hell!


One thought on “God Bless Mumbai

  1. s!aya

    thank goodness dad is safe…
    many of my friends folks jst got saved.
    they either took a train jst before the one tht got bombed or missed tht train.
    watever be its all God’s Grace…

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