Stand Above The Crowd


I’ve been listening to Three Days Grace a lot these days. Their new album One-X is really well done and I can relate to most of the lyrics on it. I was really mad at what took place in college on Friday, and was worried about the effect it would have on the college’s reputation. And that’s when I heard the title track of the album ‘One-X’. Adam Gontier sang his heart out on that one, and the chorus in particular pumped me up. Adam sang…….

‘We are the ones,
We get knocked down,
We get back up,
And stand above the crowd,
We are one!’

Hell yeah! The last few days have been a test of character for every single soul at Wilson College. Not one but two professors were arrested but thankfully both were bailed out that very night. The incident may have caught us off guard, it may have shaken us, but we fended it off gracefully. We can take many positives out of this incident.
Firstly, we showed to the world that no one messes with Wilson College and gets away with it. We showed them all that we are willing to stick our necks out for the college. And most importantly we showed them that WE ARE ALIVE AND KICKING!
Not even the NSUI will dare to mess with the college again. Wheres Sadaf Aboli now? And whatever happened to his ‘mission of awakening the common man’? He woke the common up all right. Now everyone knows what kind of people are at the helm of the NSUI(like we didn’t already). Another great thing that happened as an after effect of Friday was that our Principal Dr.Sirwaiya showed everyone that he isnt a push-over. His decision to shut the college down until justice was achieved showed us all that he is someone to be taken seriously. In my opinion this is the highlight of his stint as the Principal of Wilson College.
Wilson College is changing at a good speed. And its changing for the better. And as we all know change is always opposed. I feel honored to be a Wilsonian at this point of time. We are a part of a revolution here, a revolution that will take Wilson’s right to the top. And I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure that we do.
Whatever the outcome of this incident, I’m sure we’ll come out stronger than ever.
Note to the world: We don’t get lost in the background, WE STAND ABOVE THE CROWD, WE ARE ONE!!


4 thoughts on “Stand Above The Crowd

  1. Oscar Varghese

    Totally man. Totally. I respect our hon. Principal for his stand. And kudos to all the guys who helped the college in this one. Together we stand…umm well yea lets just stay positive and remain together eh?

  2. Anonymous

    there’s something wrong with your comments thing. i cant sign in to coment.




  3. Anonymous

    there’s something wrong with your comments thing. i cant sign in to coment.




  4. Anonymous

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