Enter Tommorow, Exit Today, It’s Time For The Past To Go Away.

Let me start of by saying sorry for not posting anything for about two weeks now. We let our faithful audience down(Breaks down into Phake Tears) The Gangue Team Crew has been very busy with Indizoo India. but you’re trusty ol’ donkay is back to entertain you with a new post. Yesterday was our “Re-orientation” into college. The programme began with the words, “Welcome to This Orientation (Dis-Orientation rather).” There were times we cudnt stop laughing at how shoddily it was done. (FYI THERE ARE TIGERS IN WILSON COLLEGE!! For more contact Nature Club). Our new college year will start on a Wednesday (IN URE FACE MONDAY). And as one year gives way to another Id like to take this oppurtunity to look back at times gone by (This wud be like Metamorphosis of Malyalee Manav (but on a wider scale since it will focus on all ure pals in college. Not necessarily as funny as Meta though.Mebbe more mebbe less.) So join me as I time travel into the past.

Two college years have come and gone and it still feels like yesterday that we walked into college for orientation (Not yesterdays Orientation, FYJC Wise Guy!). And boy have we seen a lot go down in the last two years. Ill try to mention everything I remember from the past two years. Starting Now(ie. July 2004)
The First time I met Oscar was at the college accounts department, we were paying our fees for the first year and immediately recognised each other as Assisians(theres just something about us that gives it away). On orientation day we met Nelson(Shit Head) who was a classmate of mine from school and fellow mallu for oscar. Another guy who joined in was Avinash(Fat Ass) and of course Goregaon Uncle(Anish). This was basically our group before the ‘girls’ stepped in. At one point there were ten guys and no girls in our ‘group’ and apart from myself all the ‘guys’ were single so it was a pretty desperate situation there. Then fat ass fell for the Goat formerly known as Andrea. And Andrea fell for Nelson. Andrea hung out in college with only 1 girl at that time Arlette(The Cat) and Nelson fell for Arlette. The fall-out of all of this was pretty disastrous. Around the same time I was cold shouldered by everyone for about 2 months. But during this time, Arlette the cat fell for Joshua leaving Nelson heart-broken. Andrea jumped at this leaving Avinash heart broken (he actually drew broken hearts all over his notebook that said Avinash loves no-one). But then nelson turned andrea down, which left andrea heart broken. ENTER MALYALEE MANAV!!! He patched things between them and voila Nat Geo aka Nelson and Andrea were a couple. He was also instrumental in bringing Animal Planet aka. Arlette and Joshua together. End Result, Avinash thrown out and everyone realises that he was the bad guy and not me so they warm up to me.
In the meantime, I became friends with Kash, Blondie(Prapti), Vio and Velina. On friendship day all of us went to CCD (newly opened back then) and there we met Becky and Luanne (Oscar had a crush on her…..hands), they too joined us and there we were ONE HUGE GROUP. But as you know these things never last, over the next few months Nelson and Andrea were bumped off and they joined Avinash’s clique (he made it to counter us). Arlette and I had a fight and never got along(Neither did the others except oscar). And all that was left was ozz,vio,vel,blondie,becky,luanne,kash and me (goregaon uncle joined in when he was in college). Sometime in the first year (read the first day of college) velina started to like me but I was not single. I was in a relationship with whats-her-name and vel made it her mission to make sure that me and whats-her-name broke up. Around the same time a girl from avinash’s counter-clique called Upasana fell(and HOW!!) for me, and after the christmas holiday’s velina and upasana joined forces to make sure that I got dumped. (Actually vel helped upasana ‘get with’ me). Upasana turned out to be well *ahem* CRAZY!! No I mean she was CRAZY, not like funny crazy, but ‘Ill make a lamp shade with ure hide’ Crazy!! But fortunately she left college the same year(or killed herself I hope). And that was that for year no. 1 in college.
Enter Year No.2……Luanne and Kash flunked FYJC so cross them out, and the rest of the guys threw me and Oscar out of the group so Osci and I started the year as freelancers (the exact day we parted ways with the group was the drunken disaster aka. Velina’s Birthday).
One of the days early on in SYJC we met Christine, she was pestering Sam to buy her a Choco-Fudge Cornetto and Sam wudnt budge(Bless Him). We also met up with Eben. We had met him earlier, but that time we had our ‘group’ and so did eben. But both ‘groups’ were non-existent, so we started hanging out with eben (who was hanging out with Christine). Also there was Joel (we met him back in FYJC on his Birthday, he didnt know us then, but he paid for our tickets so what the heck). And thats how we entered our current “Gangue”.
(That brings me to the end of the John Grisham Like Introduction).
Our current Cast is Estaben Sanchez (Eben), Julio Macho (Joel), Fabio (Binoy), Carlos Sanchez (Oscar) and Francisco Atractivo (Yours Truly the Donkay).
Our Suppoting Cast is
Chaddi (Christine Jhoni), Sam, Marc(He sang to me) Anthony, Chadda(Justin), Adley Lopes (A.Lo) and Amiel Lopes (WWAD),Vandie Man (Vandana), Karkada (Esther), Party Party (Daphne) (Dunno if thats how the name is spelt).

Memorable times from Last Year.

  • Infinite times when we joked around in the canteen.
  • Packawing Priyal about Bank of Baroda.(One of Sam’s finest performances).
  • Free Lipton Ice Tea distribution in canteen. (We gave them horrible reviews. Mine was “Tastes like Moose Piss”.)
  • The inaugration of the Psychology Association: Yet another memorable performance by Sam. But Marc stole the show. No he literally stole the show, he stepped in before he was supposed to and stole everyone else’s lines. This left Eben and Sam no choice but to ad-lib. The most memorable quote from that play was this…….Sam: Hey are you coming with us to watch….umm……Titanic (The whole audience burst out at that).
  • Working for Live Wire: This was one of the most enjoyable experiences we had in the last year. This was also the time the term “Gangue Team Crew” was coined. There were jokes all over the place such as Samson feeling all happy about the responsibility he had,”V Will Rock You” and many others, but the one that caught on like the flu was Amiel’s “Lets Finish Practice soon, I have pracs tomorrow).
  • Christine’s B’day: On this day we teased Christine like nobody’s business. We did a record breaking 1 hr of back to back “Sodnaar Nahi” Jokes. Christine’s b’day card was a story in itself. Sam delivered yet another great performance at Mamma Mias, with his ‘Mein Bahut Pareshan Thaa……twisty straw act). But the moment that took everyone’s breat away was even Christine was tugging at something/someone and her Brand new watch fell off. To this day we all remember the whole canteen shouting ‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhh’ in unision.
  • The train rides we’ve had all thru the year have been another highlight: I remember one sad joke session we had on the way back home on a rainy day.(That was when I unleashed my Baburao series of sad ones. As a result I became one of the heirs to Sam’s Sad Joke King Title. Other heirs are Eben, Joel and Sadley umm I mean Adley). Another one which no one can forget was “Samarth and the abbreviated Taxes” (we actually made him believe that he was liable to pay a tax called PMS!!). Also on the list of great episodes was Christine Doing a make-over on Sam (Apparently, Sam’s T-section is too oily, but all thanks to christine that was taken care of).
  • Crazy Times at Oscar’s Place: A lot of stuff has happened at Oscar’s place last year. Significant events are as follows:
  1. Oscar realizing that he had ‘a small thing’ for Ishrat (Queenie. Boy Do We Miss You!!) .
  2. Us realizing that Zinnia could not provide us with the blood of a virgin wench(Viking talk).
  3. Us performing liposuction on oscar’s *ahem* upper body with a plunger.
  4. Joel scaling Oscars kitchen wall using the same plunger.
  5. Us attacking Zinnia with sharp objects (Good times with weapons).
  6. Oscar sharing a bed and a blankie with Zinnia (Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww)
  7. Zinnia kissing Oscar and Eben after proudly proclaiming, “Everyone here gets a kiss”.
  • Harry Potter Part 4 x 2: You must be wondering Why the x2? Well at first oscar went for this movie with Zinnia, (the same day when she said, “Last time I went for a movie with a guy we were making out”). The very next day Oscar begged me to join him, Ishrat and her friend for Harry Potter. He even paid for my ticket! Throughout the movie I realized the following:
  1. Harry Potter SUCKS!!
  2. Sterling Theatre has a nice looking ceiling.
  3. Oscar cannot flirt.
  4. Oscar doesnt know that he cant flirt. (There was a time when oscar was hitting on ishrat big time and she said, “So much for modesty eh!” Oscar DID NOT GET IT!!
  • Double dates at MammaMias: I got together with Velina on 22nd November last year, the same day Oscar and Ishrat hooked up. We double dated quite often at Mammamias. Boy those were good times!! Especially New years eve when I gifted oscar and ishrat flavored chapstick.
Thats about all I can recall right now. Im sure Ive missed out on a lot and Im sorry for that.
The last two years have been the best times of my life so far. Everyone’s come a long way and whats cool is that we are back in Wilsons for 3 more years! So you can expect a lot more…….
Come Wednesday we start yet another epic year in Wilsons. God alone knows what we have in store for us………….
But fear not, I shall keep you posted on the ongoings,
So Until next time this is ||PazzTheWiseDonkay|| signing off,
Dont stop reading this blog (In other words Sodnaar Nahi!!)
Yet another useless creation by the Gangue Team Crew


13 thoughts on “Enter Tommorow, Exit Today, It’s Time For The Past To Go Away.

  1. Christine

    i’m sure we’d like to believe that.
    n stop referring to me as Chaddi everywhere.
    didnt your parents teach you to respect ur elders??
    ill complete your part of the joke.. I’m turning 20 this year.
    Happy now??

    but funny
    really funny
    all of us[Julio Macho,Marc’He sang to me’ anthony n esther (Duh!) and dafney (double duh!)] read it in the psych dept

    Come to college soon
    life’s getting boring
    Deepak sir is a sadist.

  2. Oscar Varghese

    Its you just broke up…BROKE UP!!! BROKE UP WITH ISHRAT!!! DAMN YOU JOE!

    P.S- Your comment didnt make any sense

  3. glywen9

    awwwww. i think this post is really cute. pazz please dont ask me to define cute now:)…makes me think bout my own college days. kinda gives me a nostalgic feeling. damn i feel old now 😦

  4. mallu_kundi

    Justin didnt read this post. His eyes are closed…even now.
    Please make an audio version of this post for him.
    Why hasnt Faustin appeared on this post????

  5. Justin

    shut up kundi
    i did read the blog. my ‘blinkers’ aint that tiny
    but an audio version wud br gud…

    n donkay did u never know me at all???
    gimme a mention!!!(n plz no more chadda)

  6. WiseDonkay

    This was basically the story of how Oscar and I met our ‘group’ in FYJC then got thrown out and then met the current cast and all the fun times that we’ve had together(the ones I cud recall at the time of writing that is). Im sorry if I missed anything out. as far as audio blogs (or ‘podcasts’) go we shud have them on http://www.oscarsdahivada.com

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