My comment on the abortion topic


I commented on ashish’s blog about that abortion post, Im posting it here so
1) If the moderator of that blog chooses not to publish it, you can still see what I had to say.
2) I dint wanna look like I was doing dirty laundry in public.
Here goes……
‘Let me introduce myself before I begin, Im Pazz from, Im a friend of eben’s. Well I heard Eben and Oscar talking about this post yesterday and I wanted to have a discussion on it from neutral (or secular if you may) point of view. But the guys dismissed me saying it was a christian blog and a christian debate. But now I see Navi here and I must say I agree with a lot of what he has to say. Especially the part about non-christians not being your target audience here, but now since theres people like Navi and myself here visiting,readingand interacting with the blog what do we do? Neither side will step back if they were to argue so in order to maintain peace and decorum what do we do? We call it a truce,saying you have your views I have mine lets just respect that and not argue, well Ive been there and done that truckloads on my blog and frankly the issue ends up nowhere (except for the archives). I dont intend to barge into your blog with my views and opinions, I respect the christian faith with all my heart, but honestly sometimes I feel that in the quest of being biblically correct my christian friends trample upon my beliefs. We’ve had lots of arguements on issues like music, where my christian friends said that secular music was promoting a message that was against their faith so they stopped listening to it and instead listen to christian music, but when I asked about what was wrong with secular music that doesnt even have anything to do with christianity I was told it was okay for me to listen to it because I’m not christian. Now I respect the fact that they didnt try to impose their faiths on me but then in a way they were also saying, “You can do what you want to do, but we think its wrong.”
I have been told that Christ is the only way to salvation and every other religion (including mine) will lead me to eternal disappointment. I dont intend to do dirty laundry in public here (I will post this comment on my blog too). This discussion says that in the secular world we can have our faiths and believe what we want to, and if someone believes something else we should respect that. So in other words if any of the material here offends me I have to respect it because it is the bloggers faith(and I do respect that). But then again the faiths of others need to be kept in mind as well, merely saying this is a christian blog which isnt meant for non christian doesnt cut it with me. Isnt that differentiating between christians and non-christians? Also if you dont cater to non believers arent you shutting yourself from potential believers. Isnt christianity for everyone? My christian friends always tell me that is their duty to spread the word of christ to everyone, but by saying that non christians arent your target audience arent you negating that?
If abortion was a christian issue, I would not have commented on this in the first place, but the fact is that abortion happens everywhere, be it among christians and non christians. While you might say that its okay if a non-christian aborts a fetus, you also say that the woman is murderer according to christianity. And I dont mind being aggressive about ones faith, I am passionate about things like that too, but like navi said, blocking the path to abortion centres is denying someone the choice to do what they want. Dont tell me, you are going to block only christians and let non-christians go ahead. I know this comment can be shot down easily, but Im not trying to argue here.
Now some of you may have friends who went ahead with abortions (possibly christians) and you are still friends with them, but then again you still agree with them and look at them as wrong-doers.
In other words, if you intend to deal with a gigantic issue such as abortion, you need more than just a christian point of view to deal with it. Whats biblically correct may be sufficient for you but to deal with the whole issue (not just the christian part of it) you need to look beyond your boundaries.
That is only if you want to deal with the non christian part of the issue. If not you should specify that you do not wish to deal with the non-christian part.
Once again I would like to apologize for commenting here as this blog isnt aimed at my kind, but come to think of it, the world dont move to the beat of just one drum.
With love,
There you have it quote unquote.


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