Best Captions Contest


Now you dont have to be a rocket scientist for this, just give the weirdest captions you can to these five random images. All right?
Here we go……….

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3
Number 4

And my Favorite…Number 5.

79 thoughts on “Best Captions Contest

  1. virtualchameleon

    Ooooo, I know, I know. Oscar, can i tell, huh? Can i? Please! Pretty please! Pretty please with sugar on top!

  2. WiseDonkay

    okay since I have been playing too much of Notpron (an online puzzle) heres a hint in notpron style, if oscar reveals what he is hiding, it he will start getting UNDER YOUR SKIN.

  3. s!aya

    i am not postin any captions… but the hair raising thingy… i had tht stuff made fer da sci exhibition in school n i won \:d/
    – ||Science Boy||

  4. glywen9

    hey why does ur blog look different today???! anyway i still love ya..heheheh n christine dont feel left out sweetie..mwwwah

  5. Oscar Varghese

    Dude stop stealing my most irritating lines.

    And yes binoy isnt the quiet guy.

    [ i have no idea why he thinks he is so….]
    Hes my bro …so be nice…. and well ..yea thats about it.

    P.s Im putting up a new post so that we can comment over there now.

  6. harsimrankapoor

    1. electric shock
    2. growing bald or return of the apes
    3.two slaps
    4. not my knight in shining armour…but will do fr the tym being
    5. HOOBOY!!

  7. rahul r.

    1- air on my hair
    2- i m so curious about you
    3- there is something bihind this
    4- best way to selibrate
    5- dont be this much late
    loose your waight

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