Celebrating 150 Years Of Indian Railways!!

Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya Chaiyya !!!

Hey Look An Empty Train!! I want the window seat!!!

Aaaaaaahhhh!! They’re Singing Bhajans In There!!!

Damn It!!! He Almost Nailed That Ramp To Ramp Jump!!!

Man I Hope We Have Better Trains In The 2oth Century

Mr.Railway Minister!!! I Think It’s Time To Lay Another Track!!!

Hmm Now Where The Hell Is That Train Im Supposed to Be Waving At!!!


11 thoughts on “Celebrating 150 Years Of Indian Railways!!

  1. WiseDonkay

    I’ll let you guys in on a little secret…….I’m going through writers block so tht explains why my last two posts are visuals!! But hey theyre funny as hell and a whole lot of work too!!

  2. Christine

    but sad too….
    think of all the people that probably died……

    by jumping off becoz of those loud early mornin bhajans

  3. Christine

    hey zombie
    was that statement meant for me??????????
    coz i didnt mean to rip his ear off it was…
    oh why bother….none of you will understand….

  4. Christine

    there you go again….
    how dare you speak to me in that tone Mr. ‘Fair’ n handsome…

    i refuse your forgiveness…..

    hee hee
    this beez fun

  5. Oscar Varghese

    Dude do me a favour. If you comment please do it on a LATEST BLOG POST.

    I aint exactly one of the intelligent types na? So its kinda diff for me to keep track of comments ok?

    thanks Asshole

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